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Fish Boil

Fish Boils are an integral part of Door County tradition and have been one of the area’s most alluring tourist attractions for more than 70 years. The simplicity of the meal is enhanced by each restaurant's own quirks and processes for boiling the fish.

This is truly a Door County meal. Boilers use fresh caught Door County whitefish and offer Door County cherry pie to round out the meal.

Restaurants offering fish boils are spread out from the northern tip of the peninsula all the way to Sturgeon Bay, making it easy for visitors to find a place to try it, no matter where they stay on the peninsula. Since Door County fish boils are so popular, many restaurants recommend calling ahead for reservations, especially for large groups.

Door County fish boils are a fun way to experience the county and interact with locals. Check to see if your boil master or his assistants are busy, and if not, why not ask a question? Each boil master will have their own unique take on the Door County tradition and how they ended up as a boil master.

Enjoy this Door County tradition, cold beverage in hand, and hot fish on your plate.